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Green means go.
Digital Photo/Graphic
21" X 21"

Consciousness constructs dreams
From faces and traffic lights.
You feel the ghosts of landscape,
And your memory twinges
In response.
There is no solid reference.
This moment is equal to any before it.
It is equal to any to come.
Slowly, the moon rises
And our emotions find
A new alignment.

Desire and its absence
Are inseparable,
As are error and success --
Each is a step toward understanding
Our reflections of world.
We walk our lives
Flooded with memories,
Looking forward to a future,
And embracing this delicious moment
As all the lights turn green.

We’re a big mystery --
Here, awed in this potential
Of signal lights,
Embroidered in a fabric.
Where we stride,
Over each obstacle,
And grow our awareness
And grace.

Repetition and change
Are the stasis and flow of being,
Each at the other’s core
Through all our roles and circles.

When we trust and are generous --
We sustain one another,
But it's alone we always breathe.
All of us are holy,
And each is more than a sum
Of functions.
We live in macrospheres
That possess great detail.
We transcend tone and matter,
And subdivide Space and Time.
We are life-pulses that join and rejoin
The flow
Of Peace and Creativity.